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Stop My Foreclosure

For homeowners who can no longer afford to keep mortgage payments current, negotiating a Short Sale may prevent a foreclosure. When banks agree to a Short Sale, they are accepting less than the total amount due on the mortgage. The banks would rather take a loss than to take the property back. In most cases, the short sale will release you from the lien and liability of your mortgage loan. 

Avoid Bankruptcy

We have on staff attorneys prepared to help you answer the following important legal questions:

  • Difference between Chapter 7 & Chapter 13?

  • Will you keep your house or only delay your foreclosure?

  • How long can you delay a foreclosure?

  • What are the filing fees?

  • What's the cost of releasing additional liens?

Inheritance & Foreclosure

Has a recently family member left you responsible for a property currently in foreclosure?


 Since 2004, We’ve provided our clients with extensive and tailored consulting services. A lot of people underestimate the positive impact of working with a licensed professional and prefer to work alone. However, our Real Estate services will guide you in the right direction through every step of the decision-making process. Call us today at 513-429-3948 and see how you can benefit from our services.

What Our Clients Say

The Harper Family

Cincinnati, Ohio

"I did not know how a Short Sale really worked.  Thanks to you, everything went easily and smoothly for me and my family."

B. Hickey

Columbus, Ohio

"I was explained to and understood fully what the process was from beginning to end.  The Short Sale went faster and easier than I thought it would.  I would recommend anyone and everyone to your organization to do a Short Sale."

Alex Boyd

Franchise Owner

"Thank you!  I appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions and let me voice my concerns.  Thank you to you, Kristin, and your team for your help with this process."

Finding an EXPERT who has successfully* completed a short sale is the single most important part in the Short Sale process.

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